I'm not sure if what I have is a Squirrel Mail problem or not but I thought I would ask here. My setup is a postfix server configured with dovecot. We have a mysql database to hold the user accounts.  I wrote a sql script to create about 100K users by inserting into the postfix.mailbox table. Also I have code to create accounts on a one by one basis. The problem is that most of the 100K accounts work well and I'm able to see the DRAFTS, SENT, and TRASH folders. The newer accounts don't get those folders created. When I look at the folders backing up those accounts I only see "cur", "new", and "tmp".

  Does anyone know why different sets of folders are being create for different users? I have squirrelmail 1.4.21 but I have modified some of the php code to pull out UI elements. I guess what would be helpful is if somebody knew how this folder creation process is supposed to work. Is it a set of IMAP commands that Squirrelmail sends to Dovecot? Is this something that is entirely in the Dovecot server etc.


 Thanks in Advance

 John Watson