Unfortunately I found his response to be helpful. It contained all the necessary information.

What you fail to realize is that much time has been spent on easily found information for self service. This is simply the most efficient way to provide free customer service.

What you fail to realize is that you appear to have a service provider issue. Since squirrel mail is not your service provider, providing more help is not due to lack of willingness - it is impossible (since you need help on a different product ). The end user link Paul provided explained in detail why you cannot be helped since your problem lies elsewhere, and pointed you in the right direction.

What is my opinion, is that you selfishly and blindly reached out expecting answers to be provided on a silver platter. In doing so you skipped reading all the instructions and violated the list rules.

Honestly all of that happens all the time and is understandable and forgivable.

It was the personal attack on Paul that upset me. I found his answers terse and helpful. When you did not read his response or spend a moment to research what you did not understand - you had the gall to feel wronged and lash out at Paul.

The person who wrote the tool you are using, the person who I have seen over the years spend countless free hours providing his thoughts and efforts. A person who is patient and has helped countless others. Someone who has to ask himself why he does it to suffered abuse from the likes of you.

If you had responded nicely saying you didn't understand, he would have continued to lead you to water.

You do not owe me an apology. You most certainly owe Paul one.

gmardon@worldwidegenomics.com wrote:
Dear Richard,

I do not think either of you are actually reading what I wrote and taking
the time to understand what I have been trying to say:

I had no idea what he is saying - it was all Greek to me. If I understood
what he was saying then maybe I could do the right thing. He used phrases
that I do not understand and instructions that made no sense to me. I
apologize for being so ignorant. But when I explained to him the first
time that I did not understand he made no effort to explain himself in
terms that non-IT people could understand. Instead he was condescending,
unhelpful and therefore rude. I do not know the difference between
development and plugins - I did not know who to contact or how.

I deal with customers all the time in my business and make every effort to
be polite, friendly, and helpful and never make them feel stupid or
ignorant. His manner of interaction was quite the opposite in my opinion.

Paul may have indeed spent a lot of time helping others but he was not
polite, friendly, or helpful to me. Much more time has been wasted than
necessary by engaging in this unpleasant dialogue instead of providing
helpful and clear information at the first inquiry. I twice asked for
help and both times was given a terse, unfriendly, and unhelpful response.
At that point I expressed my dismay. I am not sure how you see the need
for an apology from me.

If someone would simply instruct me about who to contact and how then that
would actually get us somewhere.


> You sent your support question to a development mailing list. I found your
> continued misuse when informed to be rude and arrogant.
> To chastise Paul who has spent countless hours helping the community is
> beyond words. If we wasted our time with folks like you development would
> stop and good folks would quit.
> An apology is in order.
> gmardon@worldwidegenomics.com wrote:
> Dear Paul,
> I cannot imagine a more rude, unhelpful, and arrogant pair of responses.
> Perhaps there is some major trauma in your life and this is affecting the
> way you interact with people but it is not really directed at them.
> Otherwise:
> Take a good look in a mirror.
> Hope you can turn it around for your sake.
> G
>> On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 4:26 PM, <gmardon@worldwidegenomics.com> wrote:
>>> Hi Paul,
>>> Thank you for your quick reply. Unfortunately what you wrote is all
>>> Greek
>>> to me. I do not know what top-post means (hope I am not doing that
>>> here).
>> You are. The words are self-descriptive, but when you subscribed to
>> this mailing list you received a message that told you you needed to
>> read the posting guidelines.
>>> I do not think I am running server-side filtering software but I am not
>>> sure. Part of the time I am using Sq mail I am at home and connect to
>>> the
>>> internet via AT&T U-verse. The rest of the time I am at work at Baylor
>>> College of Medicine (BCM) and am connecting to the internet through
>>> their
>>> data lines. I do not know if either AT&T or BCM is running server-side
>>> filtering software.
>> SquirrelMail is not your service provider. You'll need to ask your
>> service provider for support. Please see:
>> http://squirrelmail.org/support/enduser.php
>>> I am getting so much viagra and other related spam that it is really
>>> annoying and would love to be able to set up a few filters to get rid
>>> of
>>> at least some of it.
>> Your service provider should do a better job of spam filtering.
>> --
>> Paul Lesniewski
>> SquirrelMail Team
>> Please support Open Source Software by donating to SquirrelMail!
>> http://squirrelmail.org/donate_paul_lesniewski.php

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