Yet another related issue.

Now that it works, if I apply spellchecker in Spanish I got this:

Can not find   "raices"  at the Dicctionary.   Change to "raíces"

the correct one should be "raíces" with an accent on the i,
but all the suggested words that should have an accent in any letter are shown with strange characters instead of the accented letter.

Any idea of why this is happening and how to solve it?

thanks for your help.

El Vie, 15 de Junio de 2012, 18:25, Tomas Kuliavas escribió:
> "Andrés Chandía" wrote:
>> In there it says:
>> 2) If you do not need to change the default plugin
>> settings,
>>    skip to the next step.  Otherwise, change into the
>> html_mail
>>    directory, copy config.php.sample to config.php and edit
>>    config.php, making adjustments as you deem necessary.
> Sorry. Missed that part in install doc. Maybe other html_mail configuration
> options have configuration defaults and work without config.php, but
> spellcheck depends variable which is only set in configuration file. Your
> error indicates that html_mail_aspell_path configuration setting is not set.
> Please create plugin configuration file.

            andrés chandía
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