On 24/10/2011 15:39, Dotan Cohen wrote:
On Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 14:02, Garry Taylor <giz@gbdesign.net> wrote:
Hi Dontan, the user might be placing the char ' in their user name.

For example: Garry
becomes: 'Garry'

Nice idea, but alas it is not the issue. It is myself who is typing
the username and password in, and I am certain that there is no quote
in there. I am still in the testing phase, the system is not yet

Also try downloading the source from the website and doing a: diff -ru
source/ current/
where source is the downloaded Source and current is your current install.
If all is OK there should only be diffs in cache and config settings.

I downloaded the SM source from here:

What are you using as your mail server? For example Qmail..
are you able to auth your username and passwords using telnet or any mail client?