> Maybe i have to explain better what is in my mind.
> we are using a single webpage for all domain logins.
> as webmail.bilkent.edu.tr
> And with a pulldown menu with multilogin plugin, i am able to get
> Imap,smtp, some plugins, domain variables.
> We have different departmens in university and some uses imap servers
> which doesnt support/or needed extra configuration to support usernamels
> like user@domain.com. So sending username like this will be a problem for
> us.
> Thats why we prefer to send only the usernames not the domain part.
> And because we can not set different configurations for different domains
> in sasql plugin, it will be problem for us with same usernames in
> different domains. We need to send usernames as user@domain to sasql to
> seperate users in different domains.
> So i am not sure what is best solution.
> I am trying to figure out vlogin plugin but as i see, it uses virtual
> hostnames or urls to add domain names. I couldnt figure out a way that it
> gets domain information from multilogin plugin.
> Actually all i need is to use $domain of multilogin in sasql plugin. And
> all my troubles will go away but, as i understand i have to find another
> way :)
>> Hello,
>> I want to use user@domain as username when i am saving sasql
>> parameters.Because i am using a multidomain environment and i have to
>> use
>> per-user settings about spamassassin.
>> As i read in sasql readme file, i have to use vlogin to add domain to
>> username for that.
>> But when i apply username@domain, my IMAP server does not accept this
>> username.
>> I couldnt find the way to seperate the domain name and username during
>> login, and reapply them after login.I'd be glad if you show me the way
>> for
>> that.
>> Or is there any way to use both username and domain parameters(not the
>> default domain parameter in config file) together in sasql? That would
>> be
>> more better solution i think.
>> SQmail 1.4.13 SASQL 3.2.0 VLogin 3.9.2-1.2.7

I think i solved this issue..
With only using of multilogin plugin and sasql, i managed to use domain functionality.
Maybe it might be added to next version of sasql with a better implementation.
Basically what i did is
to add 2 $domain variables in sassql_conf.php  as follows:
global $SqlDSN, $SqlTable, $use_quick_link, $sasql_use_learn, $columns, $domain;
$default_domain = $domain;
Now it replaces the username to username@domain when saving to mysql.And it is working fine with me.

So i think case is closed.