I think i could not express my problem, let me try again.

The mail server on which i have configured Sqmail has many domains and is running sendmail.

Now the problem is say if there is a mail id info@xyz.com and its username is info and there is another domain on the server called abc.com and even this needs a mail id info@abc.com, for this mail id i cannot set info as the username info is given to another mail id (info@xyz.com). So for this mail id (info@abc.com) i set a username like abcinfo. Now when i logon with abcinfo and send a mail to someone using Sqmail, the receiver of the mail gets the sender address as abcinfo@abc.com whereas it should be info@abc.com.

The reason for this problem i feel is that Sqmail takes the login name as the email id.

I guess my problem can be fixed if i can add another field at the login promtp called " Email ID " and make compose code to take data in this field as the sender's email address instead of the username. I tried doing this, but i am not good at PHP and it was too much for me.

Can anyone help me ?
Hope i could express my problem.

Thanking you all.

Vishal Khanna wrote:

jai nothing to do with SQMail.. more to do with your MTA..
check your MTA for the same..

Jaigopal wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a problem using squirrelmail. My email id is
> jaigopal@rdsindia.com and my username is jai. When i send a mail to
> someone using squirrelmail, the receiver gets my mail as if its sent
> from jai@rdsindia.com, whereas it should be jaigopal@rdsindia.com. Can
> this be fixed, if yes how?
> Thank you,
> Jaigopal
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