Thank you Fredrik for your reply.
I have tried to disable all the plugins but to no avail. Once, the plugins have been added through, don't know how to undo that. I went into config.php and removed all the plugins by commenting them out and saved it. did configtest again - still the same errors shown there. I know that someone asked this before but might have been deleted from my inbox. The squirrelmail 1.4.11 is run on windows XP Pro.
Thank you for your help in advance 

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From: Fredrik Jervfors <>
Sent: Monday, 29 October, 2007 7:17:52 PM
Subject: Re: [SM-USERS] error during configtest

"Daminto Lie" wrote:
> I was trying to upgrade my old squirrelmail (1.4.6) to the latest version
> 1.4.11 but encountered errors. I have copied all the important files
> across from the old to the new one. I have installed some new plugins
> through Then, i run the configtest.php and got errors that
> said "You have enabled the plugin but i cannot read its setup.php file. I
> have checked that there are setup.php in all the plugins that i just
> added and there is a compatibility plugin in there too.

Start by disabling all plugins. Then re-enable them one by one, running
the configtest between each plugin you enable, to find the one giving you
problems. When you have found the faulty one, check permissions, and if
that doesn't help: download and install it from scratch. If you still
encounter problems, name the faulty plugin and send a file listing with
permissions and a copy of the "setup.php" file with is corrupted.


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