Dear colleagues,
I'm using RH 9.0, Apache 2.0.45, PHP 4.3.2RC4, SM 1.4.2, including plugins: 'abook_take'; 'calendar'; 'delete_move_next'; 'info'; 'message_details'; 'newmail'; 'spamcop'; 'squirrelspell'; 'abook_import_export'; 'archive_mail'; 'block_sender'; 'folder_settings'; 'folder_sizes'; 'quota_usage'; 'show_user_and_ip'; 'show_headers'; 'timeout_user'; 'weather'; 'compatibility'; 'mail_fetch'; 'filters'; 'password_forget'; 'time'; 'view_as_html'.
The system is working fine except one problem with folder's names in russian charsets. I mean subscription for folders from MS Exchange 2000 (RUS) database. When folder with russian name is created from MS Outlook, it cannot be read from SM in any charset. I see only abrakadabra like "'5@=>28:8". And, vice versa, if you created folder in russian from SM you'll see from MS Outlook something like &BB4EQgQ,BEAEMAQyBDsENQQ9BD0ESwQ1. It seems to be broken while encoding/decoding.
If nobody have a solution, please, give me any tips for improving the code. As I guess, the thing is in the functions imap_utf7_decode_local/imap_utf7_encode_local, isn't it?
Inna Karpova