I have a problem with Change_passwd plugin on CentOS 6.2. The plugin worked perfectly fine on CentOS 5.8 but after installing CentOS 6.2 it keeps on saying Current password is incorrect. I enabled debugging but it keeps on saying Current password is incorrect


I am using the following:

-          squirrelmail-1.4.22-2.el6.noarch

-          Change_passwd plugin 4.0

-          Compatibility plugin 1.3

-          php-5.3.3-14.el6_3.x86_64

-          httpd-2.2.15-15.el6.centos.1.x86_64

-          dovecot-2.0.9-2.el6_1.1.x86_64

-          postfix-2.6.6-2.2.el6_1.x86_64

-          CentOS Linux 6.2, Linux 2.6.32-220.7.1.el6.x86_64

-          I installed Operating system using the CD and other software using yum

-          I tried using Firefox 14.0 and internet explorer 9


Thank you in advance for your valued response and also taking your time developing the plugin.


Looking forward to hearing from you