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#68 Intelligent Session Timeout handling


It's very irritating when you're writing a message and a timeout happens and you lose all your work.
What should happen is that Javascript in the message composition window keeps track of how long
you've been idle (not typed anything into the form box, should be onchange or something). Then
when the folders window on left is refreshed it could append some string to the URL, or through
post that says "reset session timer" to the server. That's one way, a more elagent solution would
be to have the the compose window itself submit a post request which sets the target for the
return output to be a new window which could either close itself immediately after opening, or
could say, "Session Renewed" or something similer.

Anyway, if one of you doesn't do it soon, I'll do it myself and get all the glory. (Isn't that a threat)


  • Konstantin Riabitsev

    Logged In: YES

    I don't understand. If you have your left frame refreshing
    every, say, 5 minutes, you will not see session timeouts anyway.

  • Konstantin Riabitsev

    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me

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