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Building a gentoo system and had a devil of a time getting cleartext password working with the IMAP server.

I ended up with uw-imap server and Squirrelmail, and got it working. Noticed that the particular issues were not covered in the existing documentation and tought that I'd contribute for document inclusion.

new wu-imapd packages, plaintext passwords are disabled by default. This prevents Squirrelmail from using plaintext passwords to login. Since Squirrelmail and wu-imapd reside on the same server, I'm not too concerned with someone seeing the traffic between the two services. So, to enable plaintext passwords and get Squirrelmail login working again, I did the following:

* I created a file called /etc/c-client.cf and had it contain the following two lines in it:
I accept the risk
set disable-plaintext 0

Thats it! You need I accept the risk as the first line, otherwise it wont work! Save the file, and Squirrelmail should immediately start working again. No daemons to restart!

Another issue:
If you are running xinetd the some distribution's default configuration file resulted in an xinetd configuration that only allows connections to localhost. The file in question is /etc/xinetd.conf and should have the "only_from" line removed or commented out.
Seeing as I stumbled around the Internet for at least 5 days on this (time allowing), I tought that I'd pass this along for possible inclusion in the documentation somewhere.


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  • Thanks for your interest in contributing, but this is not the place to do it (see the wiki), nor is this a SquirrelMail issue. This is a IMAP server setup issue.