#536 Configuration Script conf.pl easier plugin management

Review for Stable

Tested on
php 5
OpenBSD 4.0

As there are a lot of plugins, it is easy to get a list of installed and available plugins longer than 15, so on headless servers or suing 80x24 character SSH terminal windows, it is esy to lose a lot of the plugins 'off screen'.

For me it was a bonus having over 40 plugins and running headless via a KVM switch. Also the fact that I administer the server on infrequent basis (I have other paying work to do).

Reduces need for scrolling tricks if possible or having to view config.php to find the plugin index required to install/uninstall. Less need to view config.php means less chances of other errors.

This mod replaces two sections of NEARLY identical code in the plugin display menu to give numbered plugin listing in three columns (truncates names > 21 characters). can easily be modified for different numbers of columns. Function can be used to give a numbered list in columns for other lists of strings
(e.g. locales).

Please note that about 80% of the attached file is COMMENTS, for different places in conf.pl to note the changes and ALL lines changed.


  • Paul Carpenter

    Paul Carpenter - 2008-03-13

    Configuration con.pl script mod for multi-column tabular list of all plugins

  • Paul Lesniewski

    Paul Lesniewski - 2008-03-15
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Paul Carpenter

    Paul Carpenter - 2008-03-15

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    Originator: YES

    Hmm, not had time for full review of code, but I think you assume every server running Squirrelmail also has X-windows running. Many servers runing email/Apache and the like have NO mouse as no X-11 installed. So I think in these cases widthe of screen changes will be pointless.

    Often these servers run like this so as to

    a) stop managers/users wanting to use them as general machines at the same time.
    b) reduces CPU/RAM/Power requiremnets drastically so small mini-ITX motherboard system sits
    quietly in the corner backing up to DVD.

    Not all installations are ISP/Multinational size.

    Guaranteeing scrollback across the network may work, but sod's law says something else goes wrong as well making that more difficult. Also assumes that everybodies setup is the same as yours.

    Amount of times I have to look at this setup is roughly every 6 months.

    Uninstalling a low order number plugin is complicated by 'modifying config.php'
    my current list is 42 installed 11 available. Remembering to change base of 0 to base
    of 1 can catch people out.

    This was not a panacea, but a great help to me.


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