#465 Create an evolution-style virtual trash folder


Evolution has a nifly imap mode where the imap delete
flag is used but moved/deleted messages are shown in a
virtual trash folder not in their original folder (as
long as they're not purged)

It'd be great to have this in squirrelmail too - sure
you can use a real physical trash folder but this
causes interop problems with evo

Showing the to-be-deleted messages in the original
folder clutters the interface a lot


  • Jonathan Angliss

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    This would also be very IMAP intensive if you have a large
    number of folders. You could in theory use a "saved search"
    in the 1.5 development release. Enable advanced search, and
    you can search for messages that are flagged as "Deleted" in
    all folders.

  • Mailhot

    Mailhot - 2005-09-08

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    Well evo does it so it must be possible. in fact it should
    be easier to do in a webmail that a fat client, because the
    fat client can be just anywhere on the network while the
    webmail can be put close to the imap server.

    More to the point this feature really helps my workflow, and
    in a webmail where screen real-estate is scarse (you can not
    show a single list of messages it has to be broken up)
    reducing sceen clutter is even more crucial

  • Jonathan Angliss

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    The physical location has nothing to do with the functionality.

    A client such as evolution has many advantages, for example
    it can keep multiple connections open, and kept open, where
    as SquirrelMail can not keep them open.

    To create a virtual folder like this, you'd have to issue a
    search every time you selected the "virtual folder". If you
    have, for example, 20 folders, SM would have to go through
    each and every folder issuing a SEARCH command on each
    folder, waiting for the results, and moving onto the next
    folder. This is expensive in terms of processing power for
    the IMAP server.

    I'm not saying it cannot be done, and have even provided for
    you a solution for it, I'm just letting you know the
    downside to it.

  • Tomas Kuliavas

    Tomas Kuliavas - 2005-09-10
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  • Tomas Kuliavas

    Tomas Kuliavas - 2005-09-10

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    Feature request. Not a bug.


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