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I am requesting for a feature.

I want the whole thread in "Thread view" to be brought to the top when a client replies to a message in that particular thread.

Curently, when a client replies to a message that is part of a thread, the thread is not brought to the top of the list when I have chosen messages to be displayed in date order. On the contrary, if the threaded messages are on page 2 or other pages, then a new message will be displayed on that page and not to the top of the list on page one. I would then have to search for this new message.. and sometimes.. I even forget to do this and miss important new mesages.

So wouldn't it be better that when someone sends us a message, then in the threaded view, the new message should be highlightes and the thread should be displayed at the top of the list. (I don't like unthreaded view since I like to follow the messages as part of a thread).

Hope this feature will be implimented soon.



  • Marc Groot Koerkamp

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    Sorry, that's not possible at the moment because we show the
    thread order as provided by the imap server.

  • Marc Groot Koerkamp

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