#388 Spam Filter with address lists


Hi, could you create filter with "black" and "white" e-mail
address lists, which users can update. If incoming e-mail
is in the "white" list, it goes right into the user's inbox
(mailserver inbox). If it's coming from someone listed in
the "black" list, email is deleted.
BUT -- if it comes from someone not listed in either list,
then email is stored in the temporary folder, and reply
email is sent to the sender's address. If it cannot be
delivered (which is in most cases for spam), received
email is deleted and sender's address is added to
the "black list".
Or second option for received emails from people not
listed in either lists: email is sent with the request to
copy such and such line from the text body in the
subject line and reply back. If they do so within XX
days, email is moved from temp folder into user's inbox,
if not -- received email is deleted.
At any time end-user should be able add or remove
email addresses or add/remove keywords in the filter for
his/her inbox via simple html page (with his/her email
address and password as the access key).


  • Paul Lesniewski

    Paul Lesniewski - 2008-01-30

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    You are describing functionality that belongs in your MTA, not in a MUA (client). SM has some front ends for managing white/black-lists for some such software like SpamAssassin, and more could be made if you find a white/black-list implementation for your server that is not yet manageable via SM. Thanks for your request.

  • Paul Lesniewski

    Paul Lesniewski - 2008-01-30
    • status: open --> closed-rejected

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