#177 IMAP connections

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I would like to have persistent IMAP connections to
improve the speed of using the webmail.

We have one server dedicated to webmail and another
dedicated to IMAP server. Users with lots of messages
in their inbox (like me) suffer from extremely slow
access to messages (could take over 30 seconds to
open a single message) when, for example Outlook,
opens the message instantly.


  • Marc Groot Koerkamp

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    This has nothing to do with persistant IMAP connections.

    You should make use of serverside sorting (see conf.pl)
    and you should upgrade to SM 1.2.7 or 1.2.6.

    When SM could make use of persistant connections then
    the only advantage is that you don't need the IMAP call
    LOGIN user pass. The time related to this call relatively to
    getting the message list is very small.

    The difference with outlook is that outlook caches the
    retrieved message-headers local and with a webmail
    application this isn't possible. If you delete all offline
    content in outlook then you can see outlook also consumes

  • Chris Hilts

    Chris Hilts - 2003-04-30
    • status: open --> closed

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