#659 Unrecognized Character set (MacOSXS)

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Brian Haun

ERROR : Could not complete request.
Reason Given: 314 SEARCH failed. Unrecognized
character set

Seems that once installed 1.2.6 will not work with
the browsers in OS X. IE and Mozilla will not
display the folder frame giving the above error.
When sending email the above error is also

When I used OmniWeb it worked perfectly. I found
out that changing the character set in IE and
Mozilla for European (Windows) made the site
work properly.

This has been a issue since the development of
1.2.6 was started but I did't realize that it was the
problem since I though the problem were
associated to work in progress.

Brian Haun


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2002-05-14
    • assigned_to: nobody --> jmunro
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2002-05-14

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    We have had a lot of problems with IMAP servers not
    supporting various charsets. A recent addition to SM will
    allow sites to specify that the SEARCH commmand does not use
    a charset argument, which will hopefully fix your problem
    with OS X (and others :) If you wish to try it you can grab
    a copy of SM 1.2.7 CVS. The option is on menu 4 of conf.pl.


  • Brian Haun

    Brian Haun - 2002-05-15

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    I have tried to use 1.2.7 CVS and it currently works worse
    then 1.2.6. 1.2.7 CVS 0600 seemed to only display the
    layout and no text.

    I will try again with a newer build. If you would like help
    by having access to a OSX Server box that would be great.

    Keep in mind that starting with 10.1.5 Apple will have
    Xserve running the same software. Hopefully they will
    implement a standard mail server?

    Thanks for the continued effort!

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2002-05-17

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    I would love to have access to this IMAP server. I am
    always interested in making SM work better with a variety of
    IMAP servers. I am also going to add a plugin to CVS
    (probably today) that allows you to talk to the IMAP server
    and see its responses, designed to trouble-shoot problems
    just like this one :) Lets talk about getting access to your
    OSX box, but not here. Send me an email at jason@stdbev.com
    and we can discuss the details.


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2002-06-14
    • status: open --> closed
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2002-06-14

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    An option has been added to conf.pl to use a SEARCH function
    without the CHARSET option. I have also modified the SEARCH
    string to recognize imap_server_type of 'macosx' and use a
    SEARCH syntax that this IMAP server can deal with.



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