#449 1.2.0 release Folder creation / deletion

Folders (317)


the 1.2.0 release has folder creation and deletion missing as part of the default Squirrelmail. i understand
that it should be part of the main app rather than being as a plugin. can some devleoper please look into
this asap.

best regards,


  • Paul Thompson - OLD ACCOUNT

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    Please add more details here about your installation. The
    folder creation/deletion stuff seems to be working fine on
    my install.

  • OSlover

    OSlover - 2001-12-25

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    well when i click on the folders option from the main screen when u logon next to the options menu, i only see the
    subscribe unsubscribe folders options. there is nothing which allows me to create /delete / rename a folder. i can
    show u mu installation. infact i haven't even added any plugins as of now. just extracted the tar ball cinfugres the
    domain name, css stylesheet and the image thats it.

    if u wnat to check out urself mail me pm at linuxindia dot org and will mail iu the link and the acess to the new
    webmail installation .

    awaiting a reply .

    best regards

  • Paul Thompson - OLD ACCOUNT

    Logged In: YES

    Seems to be only occurring in Netscape 4.X browsers so far.
    I am sure that I just screwed up some closing HTML tag in
    src/folders.php. Please, if someone from the development
    list can fix this soon, please do so. I am really worn out
    on coding for a bit... :)

  • Anonymous - 2001-12-25
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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