#2748 difficulty scrolling through message (using Opera Mobile)

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Hi everyone -
not sure if this has been reported, and I did a little bit of searching to no avail.

Squirelmail = version 1.4.21 (also tried 1.4.15 which I have on my system still).
The problem occurs when reading squirrelmail with my cell phone (Nokia e72), using Opera Mobile browser v10.1.

The problem is that when reading a multi-page message, I cannot scroll beyond what is displayed on the initial screen. I.e. if it is a 100 line message, I can only see about 20 or so lines.

Interestingly, I also tried the Bolt browser (v2.5) on the same phone and the problem persists, but there is a scroll bar on the far right side of the screen, which allows me to scroll through the message. (It is a little annoying, but it does work). On Opera Mobile, I do not see a scroll bar, so I am basically not able to use that browser when logged into squirrelmail (unless I only care about the top of the message).

The stock Symbian browser doesn't seem to have a problem, and behaves logically: no scroll bar, pushing the cursor down will allow the whole message to be displayed. Also tried the Android browser on my Archos 70 tablet, and the problem does not occur. I'm curious if other people using the Opera browsers have this problem.



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