#2719 administrator plugin removes detected theme lists


I am using sm 1.4.19 on gentoo and I wanted to try the administrator plugin. The big problem I encountered is with the themes. When you make a change and save you settings in the administrator plugin page, all of the listed themes will be replaced with a backslash \ and paths will be replaced with TRUE


  • Jonathan Angliss

    Thanks for your report, however I'm not able to reproduce the issue. Can you give us a list of your themes directories? Can you also perform a quick test for us? I'm assuming you can edit the source. In plugins/administrator/options.php around line 609, you should see this:

    if ( $fp = @fopen( $cfgfile, 'w' ) ) {

    After that line, put the following:


    Save, and then login to SquirrelMail. Go to the administrator plugin, make your changes, and hit save. At the bottom of the page should be a big array of data, can you paste that here? You can mask the personal information.

    Also, what changes are you making?

  • Jonathan Angliss

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