#1509 ERROR : Connection dropped by imap-server.

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Jason Sopko

When trying to use the Search function, I get the
following error while searching for anything in the
'To' category:

ERROR : Connection dropped by imap-server.

It takes about 5 seconds to produce the error after
hitting the Search button. Searching with the 'From' or
'Cc' categories works fine.

I have a remote Cyrus IMAP server on the same Ethernet
segment that SqurrelMail is talking to. It is running
Cyrus IMAP 2.1.11.

On the web (SquirrelMail) server, I'm using Red Hat
Linux 7.3 running Apache 1.3.27-3 with
mod_ssl-2.8.12-3, PHP 4.3 and SquirrelMail 1.4.2. The
error message on the IMAP server in /var/log/messages
is this:

Oct 30 16:07:34 mailserver imapd[35180]: Fatal error:
word too long

I simply need to be able to search by the 'To' field to
resolve the issue. Any help would be appreciated, I
thank you in advance.


  • Marc Groot Koerkamp

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    The problem is that SquirrelMail doesn't split up fetches
    with large message sets. Your seach returns too many hits to
    fetch in one fetch. Try to adapt your search query to get a
    smaller result set.

    So if 99 % of the messages in TO is directed to you and the
    string in the search query is also your email address then
    it will produce that error when the mailbox is large enough
    (With cyrus).

  • Marc Groot Koerkamp

    • priority: 5 --> 2
    • status: open --> open-later
  • Jonathan Angliss

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    Marc, I'm assuming the error is on SM fetching the headers
    of the search results, and not the query itself? Haven't we
    done something with this recently?

  • Marc Groot Koerkamp

    Logged In: YES

    It's the query itself. When a search returns a large set of
    UID's and you construct a query to retrieve the headers for
    all those UID's then the query can get to long and that's
    causing the error.

    The sollution is to do multiple queries to retrieve the
    requested headers. I won't fix this for the 1.4.x branch but
    in the 1.5.1 CVS version I made already a lot of changes
    where a fix for this problem can be easily implemented. I
    will take a look at it after I finished some other stuff.

  • Marc Groot Koerkamp

    • assigned_to: nobody --> stekkel

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