SQuirreL SQL Client 3.3.0 released

It's been a while since the last release (December 2010), so the list of changes is quite extensive:

3.3.0 (11/20/2011)


Hibernate Plugin:
Directories containing archive files (Jars, Zips) can now be added to a Hibernate configuration's classpath.
All files in the directory will be added as classpath entries.

Hibernate Plugin:
HQL errors during results reading are now displayed as a result tab. (Similar to the new SQL error display.)

Some performance improvements, when searching in the object tree.
Now, Squirrel will not try to expand a node twice, if no children were found for a node at a previous search.

Updated Translations:
* French (Erwan Duroselle)

The make editable function for SQL result tables now preserves the table's layout (ordering, scrolling position, ... ).

New (prettier acorn) icons bundle for MacOS X (Thanks to Travis Hein for arranging the icon bundle and to the
original photograher - George Georgiades - for releasing the photo under the creative commons license.)

New default SQL driver for LucidDB (Thanks to Brandon Jackson)
To use the new default driver, it must be imported (Menu Drivers => Install default driver definitions)

Improved memory management: Now when SQuirreL runs out of memory, it will attempt to close all result tabs,
in order to free some memory. This may allow the user to save their preferences/scripts and restart SQuirreL.

SQL Scripts Plugin: Added the capability to "store the execution result of an SQL query into file". This
allows the user to store the result of the selected SQL directly into a file, instead of displaying it in
a result table. This is avaiable in the tools pop-up (sql2file) and the menu
(Session ==> Scripts ==> Store result of SQL in file).

DBCopy Plugin: (Feature request #3291501) This plugin now has a command-line interface (via DBCopyCLI). See
DBCopy plugin documentation for usage details.

Syntax Plugin:
Ostermiller and Netbeans editors were removed. Users that still used these editors are automatically
switched to the RSyntax editor.

MSSQL Plugin:
- Added display of triggers source code.
- If two views with same name in different schemas exist now the views' source code is
displayed correctly according to the selected Object tree node.
Thanks to damluar for the patch (Patch ID: 3310900)

New Plugin: Greenplum DB Plugin
New Plugin for the Greenplum DB. Thanks to Adam Winn for the patch (Patch ID 3217167)

Feature Request 3438689: (Process SQL Server's NVARCHAR fields).
Added dialect mapping support for N* fields in SQL create scripts.

Feature Request 1744964: Copy text from the SQL editor panel as rich text.
This functionality is available via the pop-up menu and the tools pop-up. Additionally this mode can be
activated for copy shortcuts.
See: Session Properties => Syntax => Copy shortcuts use the "Rich Text Format"
To use this, the RSyntax editor (Syntax Plugin) must be activated.

Source Tabs:
Syntax highlighting is used for displaying the source of database objects, if the syntax plugin is installed.

Query Builder / New features in Graph plugin:
The Query Builder is part of the Graph plugin. That means besides the former default and Zoom/Print modes
Query Builder is a new mode of the Graph Plugin. Any existing Graph can be switched to the new mode.
Besides the Query Builder itself several new features have been added to the Graph plugin:
- A Graph can be viewed in separate window.
- Tables can be dragged from the Object tree to a Graph window. For convenience there is a
new Session tool bar button that creates a new Graph window and places it right besides the Session's
Object tree.
- Graphs have a Kick off/Start button on the lower left of a Graph panel to give more intuitive access to
Graph functions.

Feature Request 3307812: Select an entire row via the table's pop-up menu.

Oracle Plugin:
- The DDL of a index could be displayed under the source tab.
- Display the table related indexes in the object tree under the table node. This is additional to the
generally index node, which displays all indexes of the schema.

New plugin "WIKI table configurations":
This plugin provides some predefined configurations for various WIKI engines. With these configurations,
SQuirreL can transform the selection of a result table into a WIKI table. Currently, configurations for the
following WIKI's are provided:
- Mediawiki
- TiddlyWiki
This plugin is a enhancement for the functionality "Copy as WIKI table"

Copy as WIKI table:
Squirrel is now able, to copy the selection of a result table as WIKI text into the clipboard.
(Right click on the result table => Copy as WIKI table)
At the new preferences panel "Global Preferences => Wiki Tables", the user can configure individual
templates for the WIKI syntax.

Detached result windows now can be rerun.

Feature Request 3185630: SQL Panel layout:
- Squirrel uses a vertical layout for the SQL Panel. Now, this layout can be changed to horizontal,
which might be useful on wide screen displays. This can be configured within the
Session Properties and New Session Properties => Tab General => Combo Box: SQL Panel layout
- A double click on the divider restores the divider position to the default value.

Editing numeric values: SQuirreL now has consistent behavior for signed values in all numeric data types.
A minus sign is allowed only at the first position and if the data type allows signed values.

Hibernate Plugin: Improved display of mapped objects in table cells:
The class name, primary key and toString() are displayed instead of toString() only.

Allowed to compare tables within one Session the same way as with different Sessions using select and
compare of the Object tree's right mouse menu. It is still possible to compare tables inside the
same Session without using select by marking two tables and just using the compare.

Feature request 3129413: The number of decimal digits are now configurable
(See Global Preferences --> 'Data Type Controls')

Feature requests 3001253, 2896494: New icons in Object tree

Display errors in result tab (Feature request 2826179):
SQL execution errors are now additionally displayed in a temporary result tab.
- This new feature is enabled by default and can be disabled by navigating
to File --> New Session Properties --> Tab SQL --> Show SQL execution errors in result tab.
- Along with this feature comes a new Message Panel right mouse menu "Save size 0" that allows
to hide the Message panel at application start up.


Graph Plugin / Query Builder: Fixed adding Quotes behavior for IN/NOT IN where clause expressions.

3433001: Elapsed time for building output is incorrect.

3183001: ClassCastException occurs, when the first tab should be closed after running a query.

Hibernate Plugin:
Fixed several bugs in the HQL results reading function concerning lazy loaded non collection attributes.

3408086: Non ASCII characters are highlighted as as invalid characters at the SQL-Editor pane.

SQLScripts plugin:
Generating data/insert scripts from inside the Object tree failed for tables that didn't belong to the
default schema when the Plugins preferences where chosen not to qualify table names.

Patch #3401315 (Derby Object tree trigger). Trigger source was not being displayed because the
for comparison. Now an actual boolean data type is used. (Thanks to Jesus Marin for the patch)

3139446 fixed squirrelsql.bat: % was missing at the end of line set IZPACK_JAVA=%JAVA_HOME

3308469, 3209074, 2983094: SQL with aliases don't result always with aliases as column headings
Affected modules:
- Export as CSV/XLS/XML
- Copy with headers
- Copy as HTML

Fixed some memory issues with closed sessions.

3393589: Introduced performance warning for the global preference " Save Preferences Immediately" when
multiple statements are executed and set the property's default value to false.

2985845: Create table script generates incorrect foreign key stmt: Foreign key columns were used as primary key columns.

If the global setting "General => Save preferences immediately" is enabled, the SQLHistory will be saved immediately after the execution of a statement.

The column numbers of the header columns are now correct, when exporting the result table as XML.

When displaying the content of a table, the dialog "Please wait while the query is executed" may not dispose.
This may occurs only for tables of a "In Memory Database" with only a few rows of data.

When editing table cells in a text area, the input field for the file name will be shown in an appropriate size
instead of being very small. If the user change the size of the dialog, the input field for the file name will use the extra space.

Now, "Press to open logs" shows the current log file by default instead of a random one.

SQL Scripts Plugin: Increased multi table script configuration dialog's size.

Fixed NullPointerException in Hibernate Plugin when executing HQL with 'view objects' switched on.

Hibernate Plugin: Made HQL code completion work more exact.

Hibernate Plugin: Removed unused imports to regain compile independence from Hibernate API changes, see patch ID 3168381

3309565: Not possible to translate SQL connection error messages, because they are hard coded.

3303174: Installer hangs on linux. Updated version of IzPack compiler to 4.3.4.

3293737: A exception occurs if the value of a SMALLINT column is edited in a result table.

3238037: It's impossible to create a foreign key in oracle 10g, if some tables contains a / in their name eg. recycle bins

3222350: Cannot enter negative values for numeric fields when editing the result table.

3196153: When typing using shift, you must release shift to type space

3175871: On export to Excel, some numeric values are not exported correctly.

3172465: Error connecting to DB after 3.2.1 upgrade

3171762: Wrong syntax for DROP KEY (When qualify table name preference is selected this produced two schema
or catalog prefixes on the table name)

3148653: Missing App Icon on Mac OS X (Fix is available in the Mac OS X 3.2.1 installer file)

3137852: DB2 Plugin - The source code is not visible, if a char column contains a default value.

3088572: Squirrel fails when user tries to edit DB fields which have particular characters.

Posted by Rob Manning 2012-12-29

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