Version 2.4 released

2.4 (12/31/2006)

Changes since 2.3 Final:

New Features/Enhancements:

Note: This is the first release of SQuirreL that specifically requires JDK 1.5
or higher to compile and run. The build scripts and the installer now check for
at least 1.5 before proceeding.

MS Excel export of displayed tables:
Besides the exporting tables displayed in SQuirreL to CSV files it is now
possible to export to MS Excel files. Thanks to Andr� Schild for the patch.

Graph Plugin: New right mouse menu item for tables: "View table in Object tree"

Derby Plugin: A new plugin which allows the user to view source for triggers and
views. Also, detailed information about triggers is available.

Informix Plugin: A new plugin which allows the user to view source for stored
procedure, trigger and view objects. Also provides Informix-specific details
for indexes and triggers. Special thanks goes to Doug Lawry for help setting
up an Informix instance for developing the plugin, and providing the system
catalog queries necessary for the object information provided by this plugin.

Refactoring Plugin: A new plugin which currently allows users to alter
tables by adding, modifying and dropping columns as well as adding/dropping
Primary Keys. Uses an extended Hibernate dialect framework to derive SQL which
is syntactically correct for the database being modified.

Made SQuirreL work with hxtt drivers. See Thanks to Yonghong Zhao
for patches.

Oracle Plugin:
Windows for
- DB Output,
- Session Info,
- SGA Trace,
- Invalid Objects
were changed in the following ways:
- Tool bar buttons are not in the main frame tool bar any more but in the
Session tool bar.
- Each window has its own tool bar icon.
- All windows restore their last size and position.
- All windows provide a "Stay on top" check box.

Syntax plugin: Corrections/Abreviations allow new lines. Use \n to create a
new line. Note: Bookmarks are more powerful than abreviations.

SQuirreL paths (-home, -user) are shown in Global Preferences

LAF Plugin: Added Napkin Look and Feel (JDK 1.5 only)

Completion Popup (Code Completion ctrl+space, Tools Popup ctrl+t,
Bookmarks Popup ctrl+j): When the beginning/end of the pop up list is reached
another arrow up/down jumps to the last/first entry.

1015274: Provided better DB2/400 system naming support

1602255: 'Interpret DATE columns as TIMESTAMP' also in SQL view. When this
configuration item is checked, any SQL query result that contains a DATE column
will show the DATE values as TIMESTAMP values (This is useful with Oracle where
DATE columns also contain TIME components)

Schema refresh on catalog combo box change:
Schemas are refreshed automatically, when the user switches to another catalog.
On systems that support Catalogs like Sybase or MSSQL, Schemas within a Catalog
only become accessible when the catalog combo box is switched to the their
Catalog. To make Schemas available in the Object Tree, Code completion etc.
after a Catalog switch Schemas are now automatically refreshed.
(Thanks to Stan Berka for this patch)

Graph Plugin:
The Graph plugin now allows to save jpg images to files instead of printing them.
The image files are an exact copy of what would be sent to a printer and
can easily be used within other applications.
(Feature requested by David Karr)

DBCopy Plugin: Added support for Informix and HADB. Relocated dialect framework
to core to allow other plugins to use (Refactoring) - this version is now no
longer compatible or supported for previous versions of SQuirreL.

Re-organized the table and view context menus so that the SQLScripts
plugin menu items now appear under the "Scripts" menu item and in the
same order that they appear in the session menu "Scripts" menu item.

Updated Spanish translation strings (Thanks to Diego Schulz)

Added JDBC driver CLASSNAME and CLASSPATH to the Metadata tab so that
it is not necessary to open the driver definition for the current session to
get this information.


When reconnecting a Session with the current connection dead
SQuirreL always switched to Autocommit = false state. Now the Sessions
Autocommit state is preserved.

MySQL Plugin: Fixed bug which caused the MySQL all of the tabs to appear with no

SQL editor function "View Object at cursor in Object tree" (ctrl+B) now works
for fully qualified object names with leading and trailing quotation marks and

Oracle plugin: Fixed the rendering of details/source tabs for indexes
sequences and triggers.

Added support for Informix way of referring to database objects within
catalog and schema as catalog:"schema".objectname.

DBCopy plugin:
- Removed reflective code used for backward compatibility which was causing
IllegalAccessExceptions when the keyword test was applied to column names.

- Fixed bug in copying FK constraints which left cursors open by not properly
closing ResultSets when they were no longer needed.

- Fixed bug in copying FK constraints where the primary key table
name wasn't fully qualified the schema of the destination database. This was
most noticeable when copying tables with FKs into a schema which was not the
default schema for that session.

- Fixed bug where cancelling the copy operation during table data transfer
did not also cancel the transfer of table constraints.

1601610 - Bug while editing integer/long columns

1598162: Fixed the issue when using Java 6 you had to click the Connect button
twice when the app is first started.

1597463: Maximized and multimonitor window size not saved

1595913: Cannot select SQL dropdown under java 6.

Added logic to prevent the MacOS X plugin from loading if not on the mac
platform. It causes the Global Preferences menu item to disappear when it is
loaded and the platform isn't Mac

Look and Feel Plugin: Plastic Look and Feels (JGoodies) weren't available anymore.

"Make Editable" on single table SQL did not work when SELECT list contained new lines.

1554175: (Aliases lost on close)
1532997: (NullPointerException when trying to save alias)
1522229: (Error occured saving Alias Definitions java.lang.NullPointer)
Many people complained about this one. At first we determined this was low
priority since it didn't seem to be reproducable on all jvms. We inadvertantly
changed the SQLDriverPropertyCollectionBeanInfo such that it no longer
accurately described the bean SQLDriverPropertyCollection. in 1.4.2_05 this
triggered an NPE bug in the jvm code (Introspector.addPropertyDescriptor) which
caused the SQLAlias persistence to fail, leaving the user with no aliases.

1584283: (DBCopy plugin - Copying LOBs from Oracle to Oracle fails)
If destination column type is Types.OTHER (1111), try to get
the type name and map it to a valid java SQL type (such as
Types.BLOB or Types.CLOB). This only works when the database column
type name as reported by the JDBC driver is a standard type such as
BLOB, VARCHAR, CLOB, CHAR, etc... A mapping exception is thrown

1584260: (DBCopy plugin - Fix for issue where the same table is found in
multiple schemas/catalogs that the user has access to. Now we specify catalog
or schema if the driver claims to support them.)

1577254: Trigger details tabs aren't rendered

1532857: (DB2 on AS400 table list not shown) Incorporated Colin Bell's patch
to address this issue which causes SQuirreL to give '*ALLUSR' for the schema
value when calling DatabaseMetaData.getTables.

1520156: changed the function of the configurable ref actions checkboxes for
SQLScript plugin. Now, they will override what is contained in the
DatabaseMetaData if checked. If not checked, we now use whatever the database
tells us the ref action is (before we weren't bothering to check the with
the database. Now we do, by default)

1508503: (Double entry for each column fields): Don't add the column to the
list if it is already there - uses the fully qualified version of the column,
so may still see duplicate columns with different types.

Bug Fix: Editing data in multiple tables would sometimes fail erroneously with
an error message like "This row in the Database has changed since you
refreshed the data. No rows will be updated by this operation".

Bug Fix: Solved issue where tables were not appearing in the object tree for
Sun HADB (High-Availability Database). Special thanks to Lars Heill of Sun
Microsystems, Inc. for technical assistance with installing/configuring HADB.

Posted by Rob Manning 2006-12-31

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