Version 2.3.1 released

This is just a big-fix release. Changes since 2.3 final in this release are as follows:

1554175: (Aliases lost on close)
1532997: (NullPointerException when trying to save alias)
1522229: (Error occured saving Alias Definitions java.lang.NullPointer)
Many people complained about this one. At first we determined this was low
priority since it didn't seem to be reproducable on all jvms. We inadvertantly
changed the SQLDriverPropertyCollectionBeanInfo such that it no longer
accurately described the bean SQLDriverPropertyCollection. in 1.4.2_05 this
triggered an NPE bug in the jvm code (Introspector.addPropertyDescriptor) which
caused the SQLAlias persistence to fail, leaving the user with no aliases.

1584283: (DBCopy plugin - Copying LOBs from Oracle to Oracle fails)
If destination column type is Types.OTHER (1111), try to get
the type name and map it to a valid java SQL type (such as
Types.BLOB or Types.CLOB). This only works when the database column
type name as reported by the JDBC driver is a standard type such as
BLOB, VARCHAR, CLOB, CHAR, etc... A mapping exception is thrown

1584260: (DBCopy plugin - Fix for issue where the same table is found in
multiple schemas/catalogs that the user has access to. Now we specify catalog
or schema if the driver claims to support them.)

1577254: Trigger details tabs aren't rendered

1532857: (DB2 on AS400 table list not shown) Incorporated Colin Bell's patch
to address this issue which causes SQuirreL to give '*ALLUSR' for the schema
value when calling DatabaseMetaData.getTables.

1520156: changed the function of the configurable ref actions checkboxes for
SQLScript plugin. Now, they will override what is contained in the
DatabaseMetaData if checked. If not checked, we now use whatever the database
tells us the ref action is (before we weren't bothering to check the with
the database. Now we do, by default)

Bug Fix: Editing data in multiple tables would sometimes fail erroneously with
an error message like "This row in the Database has changed since you
refreshed the data. No rows will be updated by this operation".

Bug Fix: Solved issue where tables were not appearing in the object tree for
Sun HADB (High-Availability Database). Special thanks to Lars Heill of Sun
Microsystems, Inc. for technical assistance with installing/configuring HADB.

Posted by Rob Manning 2006-11-09

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