SQuirreL 2.3 final released

Changes since 2.3 RC2:


An Italian translation of SQuirreL labels/messages is now available in the
installer (Thanks to Ivo Neri)

Bug Fixes:

1563613: Alias property window dies when URL is malformed.

1563610: (Only connection specified DB schema loaded regardless)
Enhanced the catalog selection so that changing the catalog
updates the schema info and expands the TABLES node in the tree
for the selected catalog.

1563603: ORA-01830 error: Date format

1561293: Show Loaded Drivers Only" does not work in "Add Alias" dialog.

1558509: 'create sequence' rejected as invalid SQL

1520156: (Reverse Engineering Foreign Key Cascade Missing). Added
configuration for referential actions clause of FK constraints.

1426012: PLAN_TABLE not found - look for PLAN_TABLE in other schemas and allow
user to choose one.

1371587: Not possible to edit data after SQL query

1250855: (Oracle DATE does not display correctly) Added a new configuration
item to Global Preferences -> Date Type Controls -> Date Section
which allows the user to "Interpret DATE columns as TIMESTAMP".

Bug Fix: Fix for issue where the SGA Trace view wasn't displaying data in the
"Buffer Gets per Row" column.

Posted by Rob Manning 2006-10-08

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