SQuirreL 2.3 rc2 released

Version 2.3 rc2 has been release. Changes made
since 2.3 rc1 are:

New Features/Enhancements:

Feature Request #1556226: New menu items in the right mouse menu of tables -
"Adopt all column widths" - Adopts all columns widths of current table to
"Always adopt all column widths" (check box) - Widths are automatically
adopted for all tables opened
in the future.

New menu-item "Export CSV" in context menu of table contents spreadsheet allows
the user to choose whether to use formatting from Global Prefs or default

SQL result tabs offer to rerun their SQL query to update their data.

Text limit line of Netbeans editor can now be positioned or switched off in
Session Properties.

Bug Fixes:

1448738: (JDK 6.0 regression) This appeared to be a bug in the Java 6 SE, but it
turned out that we weren't using the correct method to load classes from
the ClassLoader. Sun "fixed" the method (ClassLoader.loadClass) that
we were using previously so that it no longer worked as it did in 1.4
and 1.5. For details see:
We rectified the problem in SQuirreL by following Sun's suggestions
regarding which API methods are being called.

1544447: (Generated SQL script Table names are not fully Qualified, it should
be "SCHEMA"."TABLE_NAME") Added a new global preference panel and
checkbox to make this alternative behavior configurable. The default
now is to qualify table names with their schema name.

1541154: (ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in DataTypeDouble)

1533824: (NPE when loading keywords from DatabaseMetaData) Check the values
returned for null before attempting to parse and store them
(DB2 driver returns null for getCatalogTerm())

Bug fix: When doing a complete refresh (F5) or a refresh item in the Object tree
(see right mouse menu) code completion was not refreshed.

Bug fix: In Oracle Plugin - Avoided open cursors when viewing database output
( dbms_output.put_line() ).

Bug fix: Stored procedures where not shown in Object Tree when the
Oracle Plugin was used.

Bug fix: When a Schema was created and the Object Tree was refreshed the new
Schema was not shown.

Bug fix: In Alias properties for Oracle -
Note: This bug took effect when default Alias properties were used.
So this fix probably increases Session startup performance for Oracle
users who use the Oracle plugin but do not care for Alias properties.
Bug: When an Alias was configured to load all Schemas and cache non
but the Oracle Alias properties didn't allow to load all schemas
SQuirreL still did load all tables and procedures from the database.
Though the unallowed tables and procedures did not show up in the Object
tree they still caused bad startup perfomance.
Fix: Now only tables and procedures for allowed schemas are loaded.

Bug fix: Object tree table tab titles were not being internationalized as
their values were hard-coded and not available in
I18NStrings.properties files. Now they are.

Installer Changes:

Three new translations were added to the installer:
Simplified Chinese (Thanks to xpdz)
French (Thanks to Erwan Duroselle)
German (Thanks to Andreas Oswald)

Added new optional plugin (DBCopy) to the installer which allows database tables
and their content to be copied from one session to another inside of SQuirreL
using Copy/Paste menu items.

Posted by Rob Manning 2006-09-17

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