Hi, I'm a total Squirrel newbie to please forgive the naive questions.

I'm trying to load some derby database files stored locally on my Windows hard drive. I'm not sure how to set up Squirrel to do so. I can connect using a db-derby application and it works fine, something like this:

        java -jar %DERBY_HOME%\lib\derbyrun.jar ij mysqlfile.sql

The connect command in the SQL file is something like this:

        connect 'jdbc:derby:C:\working\data\derby';
        -- other SQL commands here;

So, that works from the command line. Is there a way I can acess the \working\data\derby directory files from Squirrel?  What's the syntax? I've tried this using the JDBC ODBC Bridge driver but it doesn't connect:


When I installed Squirrel I chose derby as part of the install, but "Apache Derby Client" has a red X through it when I view drivers.

Seeing these messages:

Driver class sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver successfully registered for driver definition: JDBC ODBC Bridge
Loading the properties from the JDBC driver failed.
Can not load driver properties tab.

I've read the doc as much as I could figure out. Didn't see anything about loading the missing derby driver.

Anyway thanks in advance for any advice.