This problem seems to be related to SQL SQuirreL not the JDBC driver.  With the exact same JDBC Informix driver as below this problem does not exist in SQL SQuirreL 2.6.

Eric P.

Date:        03/19/2010 12:25 PM
Subject:        [Squirrel-sql-users] Informix: Method can be called only once. /        ErrorCode: -79782

I'm using SQL Squirrel against an Informix 11 database.

For every *successful* query I run I see the following in the error console.

Error: Method can be called only once.

SQLState:  IX000

ErrorCode: -79782

Position: 1

I do get back the expected query results, and this error does not appear if I have another error w/my query (e.g., syntax, etc.)

I'm running SQL Squirel 3.1.

Informix driver:


Just wanted to post this in case there's a known solution or if I need to file a bug report.

FYI. I found this on IBM's site (for an older version of the driver):
"-79782 Method can be called only once

Make sure methods like Statement.getUpdateCount() and

Statement.getResultSet() are called only once per result."


Eric P.