I have just subscribed to your mailing list.
I am trialing your product as a means of converting many ingres databases to SQL Server for quite a number of customers of the firm for whom I am primarily consulting.
Their product normally uses an Ingres database as that is where their skills lie. However, they have converted to be able to satisfy an increasing number of requests to have their database on SQL Server - both 2000 and 2005 and undoubtedly soon 2008..
At least for my first tests everything seems OK EXCEPT that ALL VARCHAR(anything) end up as VARCHAR(8000).
I also note that like most similar products, you do not seem to recognize column defaults. Even though they are set for almost every column in every table in the Ingres database, you report them as NULL in the column property display. This may be a problem with Ingres JDBC, but certainly INGRES .NET provider reports the default values in its schema retrieval facility.
If the value was valid. would you pass it through to the converted table?
I am getting a bit desperate and maybe should have written my own converter, but I have found nothing that works completely, although yours comes closest. Microsoft imports do only half the job.
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