Thanks for the input.


At a prior job I experimented some with SQuirreL, probably version 2.6, and I don’t recollect any disconnect issues.


However, SQuirreL version 3 is a big improvement over 2.6.  Also the driver definition is a little bit different.  Yes, I do have the Extra Class Path set to point to JT400.JAR, but you no longer specify a class name, you just specify a URL, for example, “jdbc:as400://DEVBOX/SLENNON;”  Possibly there is some property that I should specify in the URL, but I don’t know what it is.  And version 3 actually lets you specify driver properties in a nice GUI.


I’m not sure whether it is something that has changed in JT400.JAR or in SQuirreL.  I suspect if you upgrade to version 3 you may have the same disconnection issues, so keep a backup if you try.



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We currently connect to 3 iSeries databases using Squirrel version 2.6.4 and we don’t have a disconnect problem.  I do connect using the jt400.jar though.  I changed the JTOpen Driver to use the Extra Class Path of the jt400.jar and Class Name  This is free from IBM and you might have it already installed if you have IBM iSeries Access for Windows.


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I have exactly the same problem, and have had to stick with the JDBC-ODBC bridge.

I'd be grateful for a solution too.


I’m running against a DB2 database on an AS/400 (iSeries) machine. I’m using the latest JTOPEN driver (6.5.1) and have tried both 3.0.1 and 3.0.2 of SQuirreL.

I can connect, download the tables, and run statements. But if I leave the session idle for few seconds, say 30, the connection is lost. I have tried against two different hosts with the same results.

Using the JDBC-ODBC bridge work fine, except that it seems to reports phantom errors after some statement complete correctly, and I think the JDBC driver would solve some of this.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this problem I sure would like to hear from you. SQuirreL is a great product at a marvelous price.

Roger Hill