I am newbie im squirrel, sorry in advance if my question is trivial/silly/whatever...

So, currently I use squirrel 3.4.
Case is that 
1. I connected to a certain database (oracle)
2. I made some fancy graphs of some of the db tables, for a better understanding of the db structure. I arranged all of the child/parent tables manually.
3. I also made some useful sql queries for these specific tables


- Is there a way, to save and later reload all these stuff - both of sqls and graphs - for a further processing/analysing/extending them?
I mean e.g
1. I connect again to that database (structure remained the same)
2. I continue my work by reloading my graphs, sqls..
(e.g. just the chosen objects of the graph were saved, and at reloading the graph, squirrel would run an analysis again against the tables for building up the graphs)

- is there a way, for instead manually arranging tables of a graph for a better view, using a kind of automatic table arranging function?

Any helps are welcome, thank you in advance,