Greetings all.  I am using the latest snapshot on a Windows 7 PC. I am using a non-standard JDBC drive (using the Apache Hive driver) and I know that adds some chaos into the trouble shooting. For reference, I am running 0.9.0 with most patches applied. 

That being said, I was very happy with the past two snapshots, they addressed some primary concerns for me. One was the close of the JDBC connection and the other was the rendering of HTML in the table results. Both addressed, both working well. 

That lead to me to yesterday.  I was using Squirrel with my trust for it growing. (With the JDBC issue, I was shying away from it because I couldn't use it naturally, always having to ensure my work was saved and if I forgot I may lose an awesome query of some sort).  Where I was switching between tabs (note I did have quite a few open, perhaps 8 or 9, each with a new connection etc). and the program just locked up. I couldn't select text, I couldn't change tabs. If I minimized and tried to maximize, it only showed the outline of the window. Basically it hung just like it did with the JDBC issues mentioned above.  I lost my work. (I was able to recover my SQL statements in this case as Hive did some logging, but it was a pain).  Now, a couple of things to mention before going on. I have increased my heap space from the default of 256 to 1024. I've found that adds to stability and have been doing that for years.  The other this is I add "-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8" to my startup string (without quotes) Just want people to be aware of a minor change there. Other than that the version I am running is Snapshot-20121125_2001.

Ok, so is this a complainy (is that a word) email about Squirrel? No, and I hope it's not taken as such.  My goal here: I like Squirrel, a lot, and want it to be "that" tool, you know, the one tool that rules that all for SQL. It's got so many things that just make my life very good.  I don't have development skills, but I am analytical, and thus, hopefully, if I can offer my observations, and they aren't taken as a whiny user complaining, we can work to try to make things better.  To me, stability and "not losing work" should be paramount.  Results are one thing, theoretically, most results should be obtainable if you have your scripts handy.  But if the UI completely locks up, there is not much that can be done.   All I know is in my case, I was switching between tabs, and things locked up.  I am not a java dev, so I didn't even know where to look for logs etc.

I was running Java 1.6.0_31-b05 but am currently upgrading to latest 1.6.0_37.

I guess what I am looking for the group here is how common is a complete lock up like that, are there current settings I can use to help prevent that. If it's not common and its something that should be fixed, what can I do in my day-to-day use that if and when it happens again, I can provide the proper logs to smart people to help pinpoint where the problem might be? Please advise on what I can do. 

One more thing that may or may not be affecting, I use Squirrel on Windows 7 through RDP. There only reason I mention this is that Java windows don't seem to refresh as snappy as normal Win32 windows, and as I was switching through tabs, I wonder if something got horked there?   Either way, I I thought I'd mention it.