One thing I notice in my use of Squirrel is I am constantly resizing columns after every query.  (It defaults to a fixed with). 

Is there a way that if my columns don't change from query to query, that it just uses the columns I assigned?  Or, even better, perhaps we could add in column size templates that after I go through a resize my columns, I could, with a click of a button, change sizes to what is in the template.  It doesn't have to be smart

Step 1:  Change sizes to where you want them
Step 2: "Save Template... this would save column position and size (i.e col0 = 40px, col2=50px) etc
Step 3: Query
Step 4: "Load Template" and would change each column to the size in the template.. .if the template has more columns then displayed, only do up to the displayed column.

No remembering column names, or anything , just position and width.

One could set a query window to always apply X template after query, or it could be set to manual. 

I'd program it, but my java experience is based on small dark beans.