Thanks all. I grabbed the snapshot and validated that the condition where the issue occurred is now resolved. Thank you much for that change. It will save me a lot of time/effort (and I hope others too!)

On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 8:31 PM, Ofnuts <> wrote:
OK, will try that. Might make converts... Thx.

On 11/14/2012 11:01 PM, Gerd Wagner wrote:
> Since most of this discussion seems be about problems with closing
> Connections (Session close / reconnect) I just committed changes that
> make SQuirreL wait two seconds for the JDBC driver to finish closing.
> After that it will issue an error message that it has stopped waiting
> and will be responsive again.
> This feature should be available in a snapshot within the next days.
> > Then have a good laugh at the Toad users ;)
> Even more. ;)
> Nonetheless Rob's stay alive suggestion may be the preferable for
> databases that periodically close connections.
> Gerd
> On 14.11.2012 03:01, Robert Manning wrote:
>> SQuirreL has a remedy for timeouts due to inactivity.  Its the
>> connection "Keep-Alive" feature.  To enable it, right-click on the alias
>> that is being timed out.  Choose "Alias Properties".  Next select the
>> "Connection" tab.  Check the box to enable and choose sleep time, and
>> SQL to send to the database to execute periodically (that is, between
>> the sleep times).  For Oracle, a typical statement might be :
>> select 'X' from dual
>> This is a no-op statement that some app-servers use to test whether a
>> connection is good.  You might also choose some other low-impact
>> statement custom tailored for your schema.
>> Then have a good laugh at the Toad users ;)
>> Rob
>> On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 5:05 PM, Ofnuts <
>> <>> wrote:
>>     On 11/13/2012 02:53 PM, MandolinPlayer wrote:
>>      > Greetings all -
>>      >
>>      > I use SQL Squirrel with Apache Hive via JDBC Drivers. For the
>> most
>>      > part it works pretty well. There are a few quirks that happen,
>>      > sometimes a query gets sent and the "Executing SQL" never
>> returns, I
>>      > can accept that, it's new tech (Hive etc).   That being said,
>> when
>>      > there are situations like that, I'd like to be able to close
>> that tab
>>      > and have Squirrel chug on with my other tabs. What has been
>> happening
>>      > is if I try to close the tab that is not returning (I've
>> confirmed
>>      > that the job is done, nothing will be returned) it asks if I
>> want to
>>      > save, I click no, and then the No button gets pressed, and
>> then stuck
>>      > in. At this point, the whole SQL Squirrel is locked, I can't get
>>     to my
>>      > other queries, other results, etc. Since this situation is
>>      > unpredictable, it's very frustrating as I lost my adhoc
>> queries I may
>>      > be running in that session.  Can we make it so that what ever SQL
>>      > Squirrel is waiting on, that it times out, or just goes on
>> with life
>>      > if it doesn't return?   A hanging tab shouldn't kill everything
>>     within
>>      > the app.
>>      >
>>      > Thanks
>>      >
>>     I have a similar behavior using  a more mainstream Oracle DB. It
>> seems
>>     configured to close inactive connections, and Squirrel gets stuck
>> if it
>>     tries later to talk to it. Not completely a Squirrel problem though,
>>     because around me Toad users are suffering similar problems.

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