Hi everyone,

I am using Squirrel SQL Client 3.5.0 and I am trying to connect Vertica DB 6.1.2 .
My Windows Keyboard Language is Turkish.
Squirrel Locale was set to English.
I can connect with these settings but when I want to display a table which includes Turkish character it could not be displayed. Turkish characters are replaced by symbols. 

So then I tried to change the Locale setting from en_GB to tr_TR but this time I will get this error:
java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.sql.SQLException: [Vertica]No enum const class com.vertica.dsi.dataengine.utilities.MetadataSourceColumnTag.COLUMN_SİZE

The lowercase column_size enum is trying to be uppercase with Turkish locale ( lowercase i -> uppercase İ not I in Turkish ). 

How can I solve this issue ?

A.Fuat Sungur