SQuirreL has a remedy for timeouts due to inactivity.  Its the connection "Keep-Alive" feature.  To enable it, right-click on the alias that is being timed out.  Choose "Alias Properties".  Next select the "Connection" tab.  Check the box to enable and choose sleep time, and SQL to send to the database to execute periodically (that is, between the sleep times).  For Oracle, a typical statement might be :

select 'X' from dual

This is a no-op statement that some app-servers use to test whether a connection is good.  You might also choose some other low-impact statement custom tailored for your schema.

Then have a good laugh at the Toad users ;)


On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 5:05 PM, Ofnuts <ofnuts@laposte.net> wrote:
On 11/13/2012 02:53 PM, MandolinPlayer wrote:
> Greetings all -
> I use SQL Squirrel with Apache Hive via JDBC Drivers. For the most
> part it works pretty well. There are a few quirks that happen,
> sometimes a query gets sent and the "Executing SQL" never returns, I
> can accept that, it's new tech (Hive etc).   That being said, when
> there are situations like that, I'd like to be able to close that tab
> and have Squirrel chug on with my other tabs. What has been happening
> is if I try to close the tab that is not returning (I've confirmed
> that the job is done, nothing will be returned) it asks if I want to
> save, I click no, and then the No button gets pressed, and then stuck
> in. At this point, the whole SQL Squirrel is locked, I can't get to my
> other queries, other results, etc. Since this situation is
> unpredictable, it's very frustrating as I lost my adhoc queries I may
> be running in that session.  Can we make it so that what ever SQL
> Squirrel is waiting on, that it times out, or just goes on with life
> if it doesn't return?   A hanging tab shouldn't kill everything within
> the app.
> Thanks

I have a similar behavior using  a more mainstream Oracle DB. It seems
configured to close inactive connections, and Squirrel gets stuck if it
tries later to talk to it. Not completely a Squirrel problem though,
because around me Toad users are suffering similar problems.

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