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This is my first time using Squirrel & I have a basic question. Is there a way to submit multiple SQL queries at the same time, and have them run sequentially? For instance, I have the following three queries:



drop table bti2_enc1;

create table bti2_enc1compress as
select ef.*

from blinded.hf_f_encounter ef
where discharged_dt_tm between to_date('01/01/2010', 'MM/DD/YYYY') and to_date('09/30/2012', 'MM/DD/YYYY')
  and patient_type_id = 87;


select count(*), count(distinct encounter_id)
 from bti2_enc1;



Currently, I cannot submit all of this at once; when I try to do this, I get errors. I have to highlight and run the first query, then highlight and run the second query, then highlight and run the third query. This isn't so bad if it's just 3 queries, but I often have dozens of queries I would like to submit at one time.


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