Connection configuration in SQuirreL consists of aliases (SQLAliases23.xml) and drivers (SQLDrivers.xml) which both live in the <user.home>/.squirrel-sql/ directory.  Still an import utility sounds like a good idea to help with the XML that would be parsed (DBVis) and the XML that SQuirreL requires.  Why don't you submit a feature request here:

It would be helpful if you could describe the format with an XML-schema or give a sample of the format to be imported.


On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 1:09 PM, Mr Fernandez Camille <> wrote:

I'm looking for a solution to import a lot of databases connections set in Dbvisualizer directly in Squirrel SQL. I know that a .XML file exists in Dbvis, with all those informations (we are sharing it to quickly configure a new Dbvis instalation) in it.

But I can't find a solution to import (or transfer) all my connections from Dbvis to Squirrel SQL (that might store connections informations in a .JAR I think).

Is it possible to do this ? On an easier an faster way than creating each of those 92 connections ?


BR, C.Fernandez

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