Hi Matt,

To set driver properties for a connection, go to "Alias Properties" for that alias, click on the Driver Properties tab, and check the "Use driver properties" checkbox.  Then move your mouse cursor over the existing "remarksReporting" properties and right-click to access a context menu that gives you a choice to add a property.  Perhaps this explanation is clear enough for your users ?

If the driver vendor reported the required parameters correctly using the correct JDBC API (see below), these required properties would already be in the table.  You might consider adding an enhancement request to the project.


     * Gets information about the possible properties for this driver.
     * <P>
     * The <code>getPropertyInfo</code> method is intended to allow a generic 
     * GUI tool to discover what properties it should prompt 
     * a human for in order to get 
     * enough information to connect to a database.  Note that depending on
     * the values the human has supplied so far, additional values may become
     * necessary, so it may be necessary to iterate though several calls
     * to the <code>getPropertyInfo</code> method.
     * @param url the URL of the database to which to connect
     * @param info a proposed list of tag/value pairs that will be sent on
     *          connect open
     * @return an array of <code>DriverPropertyInfo</code> objects describing 
     *          possible properties.  This array may be an empty array if 
     *          no properties are required.
     * @exception SQLException if a database access error occurs
    DriverPropertyInfo[] getPropertyInfo(String url, java.util.Properties info)
throws SQLException;

On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 12:17 PM, Matt Dahlman <mdahlman@jaspersoft.com> wrote:
Hi all,

I'm interested to test out a JDBC connection to Amazon's SimpleDB using this driver:

The problem is that I cannot find a way to set the two required parameters, secretKey and accessKey. I know how to set parameters for a connection. The problem is that for this particular driver the only property that I see is "remarksReporting".

So my two questions are:
1. How can I tell SQuirreL to let me set additional properties that aren't defined by the driver explicitly?
2. How can I explain to the folks on this project what they need to do to add these properties? I'm looking for the correct vocabulary to explain what needs to be done so that these properties will show up in SQuirreL's list of properties.


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