You can do a simple bash script that loops through each record returned by sqlplus and echos it to a text file.  Speed will greatly depend an the number and type of columns you have.  If you are familiar with bash and would like an example let me know and I will email it.


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Squirrel is too slow for retrieving massive data amounts. sqlplus will be
slow too
You may want to write some Pro*C scripts to extract data from Oracle into
flat file.
Or if to get really high-end performance for export into flat files (
200,000 - 300,000 rows per second ) then look into commercial tools.  For
instance Fastreader ( is good way to go

Carolina Barcenas wrote:
> I am new Squirrel User.  How can I export an Oracle table (1 Million
> records) to a flat file?  I am having problems with the size limit. When I
> try to bring up all the table it can't handle. I could always break the
> table in pieces but I am wondering if there is an easier way.  I
> appreciate
> any suggestions.
> CB
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