SQuirreL SQL comes without any JDBC-Driver. So you to download a suitable JDBC-Driver and tell SQuirreL, where to find it.

For a detailed instruction, please visit
* http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/squirrel-sql/wiki/GettingStarted (preferred one)

Additionally, you can look at some tutorials like
* http://anandshahil11.wordpress.com/2012/04/12/how-to-install-squirrel-sql-client-on-windows/
* http://www.ehow.com/how_5834404_connect-using-squirrel-sql-client.html

You have 2 opportunities to register your JDBC-Driver
* Put the JAR-File into the lib directory of SQuirreL SQL (I have never done this)
* Thell SQuirreL, where to find the JDBC-Driver - my preferred solution. For this, you have to do the following steps

1) Get your JDBC-Driver (Sorry, I don't know, where you can get one for DB2)
2) Modify your SQuirreL Driver Definition and add the JAR-file on the extra classpath.

Good Luck


On 2012-07-31 16:39, Bartosz Debinski wrote:
Hello everyone,

Just installed SquirrelSql, selected the drivers I needed during the install (the db2 for as400 is what I'm going to try), and on launch all the drivers are marked as disabled. 

My config is OSX 10.7.4 with Java 1.6.0_33

Should I perform some additional steps to install those drivers?

Thanks for any input.


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