Hi Dave,

I can't answer the question, if 49 java threads are normal. This depends on the state of SQuirreL. E.g. how many Sessions are open and so on.

If I start SQuirrel and open a connection, then I have 26 threads running.
There are threads for:
* Our thread pool
* Garbage Collection
* Swing
and so on.

From a previous bug, we know, that we have some issues with OpenJDK. This is, because OpenJDK is a little bit more restrictive to the "Event Dispatch Thread Rule" of Swing than Oracles JRE. In our latest snapshot release, we have fixed some issues depending on this problem and introduced a new plugin called "SwingViolations" to detect this problems. So maybe, you can try our current snapshot release to see, if there is a difference.

With a thread dump from your running SQuirreL process, we can estimate, if your number of threads is normal. You can do a thread dump by "jvisualvm" which is part of your JDK.


Am 2012-06-01 18:58, schrieb David Hinds:
I only recently noticed that squirrel-sql is creating a really large number of threads -- if I just fire up the application and don't open a connection, I get 49 java threads.  Is this expected?

I'm running the 3.3.0 release with a 64-bit OpenJDK 1.6.0

I noticed because I've started running into a system limit on number of user processes and wanted to determine if this is normal before I ask for the limit to be raised.  I use squirrel-sql intermittently but it is only in the past few days that I've started running into this limit, which suggests that something has changed, but I can't think of what.

- Dave

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