I have tested this with several Databases without any troubles. And, if I remember me correctly, we did nothing "strange" to implement this function. Simply execute the statement, read the resultset  (and the metadata) and write the output to a file. So, I would expect, if you can run a query and show it within a result table (and export the table by the old "export to csv"), you should also be able to use "store result of SQL i file".

Did you get any exception or some noticeable log entries?  And does it work for you with any other database?


Am 2012-04-17 18:14, schrieb Gourav Sengupta:
the option "store result for SQL in file" is not working out for HIVE database.
Please let me know whether there is anything else that we need to do for the same during installation or is this option not enabled for HIVE at all.
Thanks and Regards,

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