Hi Tim,

we have finished a feature called "Store result of SQL in file".

This is available via the menu (Session => Scripts => Store result of SQL in file) or the tools pop-up (hit Strg+T, then type sql2file). The aim of this feature is to export the result of a SQL directly into a file, without using huge memory.

For the usage of this feature, please have a look at our help about the SQL Script Plugin.

Here are the interesting part of the help:

Please note, that this is only available at the current SNAPSHOT release.

I hope, this is what you like.


Am 2011-10-17 17:52, schrieb Timm Baumeister:

Is there a way to redirect the output to a file (for example tab
delimited) and not show it in the result table?

I have queries which return many million rows and regardless what heap
space I allocate, it will not be enough to hold it in SquirreLSQL's
Right now I have to use the database's client, but it would be great
if I could do it right out of Squirrel.


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