I'm connecting Squirrel-SQL to an Informix DB; actually on a Cisco UCCX contact centre server.
I don't get a list of procedures back from the system in the DB browser.
A google turned up this as being the query used to retrieve the list:
SELECT T1.procid, T2.data, T2.seqno
FROM informix.sysprocedures AS T1, informix.sysprocbody AS T2
WHERE procname = ?
AND T2.procid = T1.procid
AND datakey = 'T'
ORDER BY T1.procid, T2.seqno
If I execute this, it fails, and I get:
Error: Too many or too few host variables given.
SQLState:  07001
ErrorCode: -254
A little experimentation seems to point to the 'where procname = ?' clause as being the problem; if I remove that I get a list back.
1) Any idea what that error means? My Informix is still pretty rudimentary.
2) I guess that line is filtering out rows with blank procname fields? Would it be possible to edit the query used by Squirrel-SQL to use something like '!= ''' instead of '= ?'? 
Thanks for any input!
Aaron Harrison

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