I don't believe there is, but that would probably make a nice feature.  Can you add a feaure request?


On Mon, May 19, 2008 at 4:36 AM, LeO Welsch <leo_zen@gmx.at> wrote:

Squirrel works quite nice, as long as I am in the same LAN-segment and do not suffer WAN-latency. My major problem is to run scripts which create some tables via WAN-access. To be sure, that the tables are correctly specified, I drop them first and next I create them.

But dropping requires to reload the whole structure - which takes a lot of time in WAN. Same situation arise when creating a table. And since I recreate them immediately, I do not need an update of the table-structure.

Is there an option to prevent this automatic reload-feature? The property in the 'object tree' 'load schemas/catalogs into object tree' did not help. Are there any other options?

(Same applies for sequences and stored-procedures).

Squirrel 2.6.5a


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