You are right, the file is present, but i don't understand: if you try to load bundles from the I18N administration tool, you can't find the file with the keys to be translated.
Only for Sybase plugin.

Snapshot 20070219_1857


On 2/21/07, Robert Manning <> wrote:
On 2/21/07, Ivo Neri <> wrote:
> Robert, three questions for you.
> 1. I quote an your old email: these keys are lost? Into my PC, i maintain an
> old version of the explain plan I18n properties file, with these keys (based
> on a cvs version), but I do not find more them into the new versions.

Good catch!  Apparently, I checked the fix for bug 1426012 onto a dead
branch that I was using to experiment with some code.  I didn't
realize I had done this - I'll make sure it gets onto the trunk soon.

> 2. In the latest snapshot is present a new Sybase properties tab, but it
> lacks I18N properties.

There is

Which keys are missing? (Maybe you have the snapshot from the 15th -
there was one put out on the 19th)

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