Robert, three questions for you.
1. I quote an your old email: these keys are lost? Into my PC, i maintain an old version of the explain plan I18n properties file, with these keys (based on a cvs version), but I do not find more them into the new versions.
2. In the latest snapshot is present a new Sybase properties tab, but it lacks I18N properties. 
3. At last, an old problem. The I18N administration function signals as untranslated the Netbeans editor : effectively, i dont'use the properties file in "net\sourceforge\squirrel_sql\plugins\syntax\org\netbeans\editor" -as indicated in I18N administration tab-, because if i want to see the search functions translated, i must place it in "org\netbeans\editor\", at radix. Please, let me know what is preferable.
I will send you soon the updated italian translation for the upcoming 2.4.1 version.   
Thank you very much

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Robert Manning <>
Date: Sep 26, 2006 2:48 AM
Subject: [Squirrel-sql-develop] I18N update

Added the following new keys while fixing bug 1426012

ExplainPlanExecuter.choosePlanTableMsg=Choose a PLAN_TABLE to store
the result in
ExplainPlanExecuter.choosePlanTableTitle=Available PLAN_TABLEs
ExplainPlanExecuter.createPlanTableMsg=The Oracle Plan Table ''{0}''
doesnt exist in the current schema. Do you want to create it?
ExplainPlanExecuter.createPlanTableTitle=Create Plan Table

ExplainPlanExecuter.planTableUnavailable=Explain plans will be
unavailable for this session
ExplainPlanExecuter.planTableUnavailableTitle=PLAN_TABLE not found


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