Into italian jar these strings are NOT translated, for the same reason.
In general terms, when we find specific SQL Syntax strings, i think we should NOT translate (CREATE, SELECT, DELETE, DROP, WHERE, FROM... etc. too)

Better if not present in resourcebundle files.


On 9/25/06, Robert Manning < > wrote:
On 9/25/06, Erwan DUROSELLE <> wrote:
> >Package: net.sourceforge.squirrel_sql.client.session.sqlfilter:
> >New Keys:
> >OrderByClausePanel.ascendingLabel=ASC
> >OrderByClausePanel.descendingLabel=DESC
> >WhereClausePanel.andLabel=AND
> >WhereClausePanel.inLabel=IN
> >WhereClausePanel.isNotNullLabel=IS NOT NULL
> >WhereClausePanel.isNullLabel=IS NULL
> >WhereClausePanel.likeLabel=LIKE
> >WhereClausePanel.orLabel=OR
> It seems that those should NOT be translated as they are directly used to
> generate SQL.
> Or: they could be mapped to the corresponding english-sql strings.

Indeed - my bad!  I'll fix it :)


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