That may be best.  I was hoping the session properties were specific to each session, I was going to test that out after I got them saving, but now I don't have to, thanks.  I figured I do them as global properties as a fallback if need be.

From: Robert Manning []
Sent: Mon 6/4/2007 5:15 PM
To: Nathan Voxland
Subject: Re: [Squirrel-sql-develop] Somehow broke session properties dialog

On 6/4/07, Nathan Voxland <> wrote:
> Mainly I need a way to configure the file(s) that the refactorings are
> saved to.  I thought the session configuration would be the best place
> to store it, because a person may want different configurations based on
> the session.

The trouble with that is Session properties aren't session-specific.
In other words, when you change session settings, then *all* future
sessions get that change, if you save them via "New Session
Properties".  Maybe a global preference that allows them to set an
output directory and then pick the filename in the plugin based on the
session saving the refactoring?